Stuff About Me

I started writing poems at three. Short stories a bit later. Went to college to become a journalist and chose to become an ad gal instead.  All I cared about was having a successful career. But then somewhere along the way, I met the K-Man, fell in love and dreamed of having kids.

We were able to have one- Rosie, and when she was three I ran away from Corporate America to be a better mom. I wrote about it all on a major metropolitan newspaper’s site when the Rosebud was little. But, now she’s a teen and I have to come up with new material. So, here I am. 

I am a entrepreneur trying to balance motherhood and work. I love books, pin chicken recipes like crazy and I drink too much wine. I’m also a rhinestoning dance mom that screams at the top of my lungs from time-to-time. 

I hate middle school, pantyhose, bullies, political posts and I have a real bee in my bonnet over insurance right now. I make parenting mistakes every single day trying to navigate my child’s chronic migraines and most recently a mystery illness that we’re trying to solve. Even so, I still think life’s fair. I’m a glass half-full gal. 

I adore a good book, my pups and hitting little yellow balls around the tennis court. And, I’ve been known to volunteer for a high-profile cause a time or two. Oh, and did I mention? I am pretty handy with a glue gun?

I am short, somewhat opinionated and can be witty as hell sometimes. I’m just the average mom trying to do it all without a manual. I’m just me- Deb CB!