Celebrate Earth Day with Puro Fairtrade Coffee

Earth Day. I can think of no better way to start it off then with a cup of Puro Fairtrade Coffee. While I’m not a big coffee drinker, I do like one good strong cup in the morning to get going. Since today is a day to show our support for environmental protection, I can think of no better way to kick it off. 

Celebrate Earth Day with Puro Fairtrade Coffee-It's me, debcb!

If you haven’t heard of Puro Coffee, you’re not alone. I hadn’t either until they contacted me to see if I’d like to try a couple bags (and they are currently looking for a distributor in the U. S. so you can’t buy it stateside yet). Nine times out of ten when someone sends me a product to review and they don’t want to pay me, it doesn’t make it into my blog (hey, a girl’s gotta make a living). But, once I read a little bit about the Puro story and watched a video, I was sold on the fact that they were a special company that deserved a little free promotion. See for yourself. 

Puro Final Film from Puro Fairtrade Coffee on Vimeo.

As you can see, Puro Coffee has a vested interest to protect the earth.  Through a partnership with the World Land Trust, they’ve made this a reality through the creation of coffee reserves in Guatamala, Brazil and Ecuador. Money from each bag of coffee goes to protect the rainforest and impact the working and social conditions of the farmers in the producing countries. 

Puro Fairtrade Coffee has provided opportunities for villages that get little to no support in the rainforest. Coffee waste is turned into organic compost to help local farmers which combats hunger. While the company thinks of the land first, it’s built roads and provided electricity in areas where there was none. 

This morning I began my day with a cup of the Puro Fairtrade Organic Coffee. It’s shade grown and handpicked by producers in Peru and Honduras. It’s got a distinct flavor with undertones of chocolate and citrus. Delicious. 

The commitment to conservation and the environment that the Puro company illustrates is notable. Not just today on Earth Day, but every day. I hope they’ll distribute in the United States soon, but if not, I have a couple of bags I’d be willing to share with good friends.

What’s your favorite environment friendly product?



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