Fresh as a baby’s bum

This post is sponsored by Cottonelle. All of the opinions are mine, including those surrounding the word “bum.”

Bum. Say that word to a teenager and you get a sly smile. Repeat it again and you’ll hear peals of laughter. Face it, no one likes to talk about their bum, including my teen but guess what? We all have one and I had to remind Rosie that once upon a time, I wiped her bum. A lot (which if you know my child that’s an uncomfortable topic for her. Right up there with breast feeding).

The Rosebud has always had sensitive skin. In fact, we weren’t able to use wipes right after she was born. However, I remember the day that we could start and the joy it brought to me as a Mama. How simple and easy to get her bum clean (and so easy to teach her how to wipe her own bum when she was a little older). Joy!

Yes, here's where it all started. I have a great pic of her bum from this day too!

Yes, here’s where it all started. I have a great pic of her bum from this day too!

So, I got to thinking after watching one of the new Cottonelle commercials featuring Cherry Healey (if you haven’t seen them they are so clever. The K-Man’s favorite: the bowling alley. Have to keep that lane clean. You can watch it here.) How come we switch to just toilet paper to wipe our bums once we’re adults? If we can get a cleaner bum from a wet-dry combo, why not give it a try? We headed out to Target to buy the new Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths and Clean Care Toilet paper. (If you’d like to try it too here’s a coupon.)

Cottonelle- It's me, debcb!

Now, my family is a little picky when it comes to toilet paper but the Cottonelle passed the test. It’s two-ply, strong and soft.  The Flushable Cleaning Cloths are alcohol free so they’re perfect for Rosie’s sensitive skin. They’re also safe for our septic system as they break up after flushing. After trying the combination of the toilet paper and cleaning cloths, the CB’s are convinced that we have the cleanest bums on the planet. 

As for my teen, she’ll never confirm that she participated in this blog (She is visibly absent from the photos because she couldn’t stop laughing every time I said the word bum). But, rest assured, her bum is clean. Be sure to mention the word “bum” the next time you see her. You’ll get a big smile. And, don’t forget to check out the Cottonelle Facebook page!!     


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