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If you’re not a blogger you probably haven’t heard of (and don’t care) about the new documentary coming out called American Blogger (however, it’s started a little bit of a conversation among those of us who blog for a living). According to the trailer, it will “change the way you look at the industry.”  Take a peek. 

American Blogger Official Trailer from Chris Wiegand on Vimeo.

As you can see from the trailer, blogging is quite glamorous. It’s a profession that’s obviously filled with upper middle class, young women with long well-styled hair who live in immaculate homes. And, they all seem to be making a good living because they obviously spend time pampering themselves. I should also probably mention there’s not an ethnic one in the bunch and they all appear to be young. It’s total bullshit.

I’m on a few blogging boards and I interact with bloggers on a daily basis. While I do know a couple of gals that look like the women in American Bloggers, the majority of the women that I know don’t. In fact, I’d say 95% of the bloggers that I know (including me), don’t look like that or have that life. So, what’s it really like? I’ll tell you.

I am the American Blogger- It's me, debcbI roll my middle-aged ass out of bed, throw on my yoga pants,  drive a car pool and then go to my basement office to begin my day by 7:30. I check all my social media and then dive into my email. There I pick through all the “opportunities” that are “perfect for me” that rolled in the night before off my contact form for my blog. I pause and laugh. Post the dumbest one on my blogging board for them to cackle and then move on to the real ones. I select the few that make sense, add them to my editorial calendar and work on the day’s post. Once finished, I put it up and push it out on social media. Then, I pray that someone will read while I move on to write for clients.

Sometime in the morning, I pause what I’m doing long enough to brush my teeth and take a shower. If I don’t have any appointments, I put yoga pants back on (and yes, they’ve never seen yoga), throw some mousse in my hair and on a good day, put on a little make-up. If I’m making a trip to Target, then blush and eyeliner are a must. If not, the only people that see my are my dogs and they don’t care. 

I eat leftovers for lunch. Scrub my kitchen floor,  pick up all the junk my teen’s thrown on the living room floor and I dump it in her room (because I’m also the cleaning lady).  And, work like a dog until I have to pick up from school in the afternoon. I frantically pin in the pick up line. Feed my kid and get her to dance. Then, I get right back in front of the computer to see what’s happened during the day. On a good one, I’ve made a nickel for a click here, $13 on Groupon and someone actually bought something on Amazon off my link. The next day, I start it all over again. 

Guess what? That’s the real blogging world. Most of us have other jobs, have worked our tails off to get noticed and start to make money. We come in all shapes and sizes and we’re from all walks of life. We’re not glamorous and neither is blogging. It’s hard work. 

We get writer’s block. Take crap from other bloggers who don’t play well in the sand box. Have to fight for every click and page view we get. And, we have people who read and tell us they hate us every day. And, did I mention, that we have to have 50 different income sources to eke out a living. 

So, watch the movie. Enjoy the pretty people. But, if you want to know what the real world’s like, give me a call. I am the American Blogger. 




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