Mommy Polls Review

Disclosure: Mommy Polls asked me to review their site. While I was compensated for my time, all the opinions are mine.

Mommy Polls Review- It's me, debcb!

I’ve often wondered why children don’t come with a manual. New moms are pretty clueless and have tons of questions. Most of us are afraid to ask because people will think we’re inexperienced and in some cases not very smart (both are essentially true). So, would’t it be great if there was a place where you could ask anything you want and get some quick answers?

Mommy Polls is a simple, easy-to-use website that was created with that in mind. Moms (and probably dads too) can create a poll and get instantaneous answers to almost every topic- from the best diapers to use, to the perfect age to learn to ride a bike and how old a teenager needs to be to date (my answer of “never” was not included in that one).  You can follow any polls that interest you and you can share your wisdom with other moms.

Since moms post continuously, there’s always new content. But, you can follow all the polls that interest you so you stay on top of the answers. They’re all found on your personal page which is a one-stop dashboard to store the polls you’ve created and the ones you want to follow. There’s even a section where you can ask questions and get straight answers.  And, you can even submit a full-length article that will help other moms.

Since I have a teen (and they are mysterious beasts), I pushed the rewind button in my life to put the site to the test. Rosie was an early baby with developmental delays. When she was 14 months old and still not walking I would’ve loved to ask other moms their opinion. So, I put in the search term “walk” to see what would happen. Up popped up a poll. Thirty-six percent of kids walked between 12-18 months. That would’ve been handy info for me 12 years ago when I was worried that she was’t walking. 

Mommy Polls Review- It's me, debcb!

Mommy polls is all about moms helping moms and they reward that through points that can be redeemed for gift certificates. You can earn them by answering polls and questions. But, there’s a lot of reward already in knowing you’ve helped another mother that may have been reluctant to ask for info.

I encourage you to check out Mommy Polls and sign up. Kids don’t come with manuals and trust me, whether you’re a new mom or a seasoned one like me, you can sure use some answers. Since I have a teen now, I could probably use a lot…


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