Show off your shoes!

By all the pinning I do, you probably know I like shoes (the smell of leather is like heaven to me). And, if you haven’t figured out, I am also in love with Ross Dress for Less. So, when they asked me to help them promote their Show off your Shoes contest I was excited (in full disclosure, Ross Dress for Less gave me a $25 gift card to go shoe shopping for this post). Rosie and I headed out to shop the moment the card came in the mail. 

My teenager was dead set on getting some combat boots (despite the fact that they are way past season), so she was a little disappointed to see the broad selection of tennis shoes, sandals and flats in her size priced at a discount (proof that you cannot please a teen). Me? I just wanted some comfortable black shoes. A few years back, I bought a bunch of flats that are now totally trashed and I didn’t have anything to wear last weekend to a dance competition. I got lucky the moment I checked my size. The perfect pair was right in front of my eyes so I bought them and ran.

Our next task, was to come up with the perfect shoe selfie which was an interesting conversation. My teenager takes selfies all day long. Non-stop. So, you wouldn’t think I’d have to explain what a shoe selfie was to her, however she was having a little trouble trying to figure it all out. So, I decided to handle it on my own. I put on my new shoes, headed down to write and the inspiration hit me. 

Show off your Shoes Contest- It's me, debcb!

You can vote for me in the Show off your Shoes contest or enter yourself. The winner gets a $500 gift card to Ross Dress for Less and there are random $50 card drawings throughout the contest. It ends on April 18th. Join me?







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